Barbeque brings communities and families together, gives politicians a platform to reach out to constituents and win over voters, helps churches strengthen their congregations, and most importantly provides the foundation for unity and friendship for all who participate”

Since 2009 Big Slim’s Hickory Creek BBQ has been providing excellent BBQ for just that purpose. It is our passion and we love what we do! The unique design of the Smoker/Grille BBQ rig allows for versatility with the types of food we prepare and can feed a lot of hungry folks! Our impressive rig and set up also adds a special atmosphere to your event. When your guests see the activity around the rig and smell the smoke, they know something special is on the way!

*Minimums/Policies: Big Slim thinks rules are made to be broken, but here are some guidelines we try to follow: Prices indicated are for 100-150 person events, though we are happy to accommodate crowds of almost any size, please email or call for specific pricing for smaller or larger groups. Prices are for food only and includes on-site cooking, buffet style set up and disposable plates & silverware. Price does not include sales tax, gratuity or service charge when applicable. Additional labor charges may apply if your event requires additional staff. We are happy to provide very friendly servers, bartenders, and clean-up staff as needed to suit your event needs. We can contour an event specific menu for you, nothing is written in stone and we are very easy to work with. We will also offer discounts on multiple same day packages for breakfast/lunch/dinner combinations.

Big Slim is a big supporter of and offers special rates for non-for profit/charitable organizations & fundraising and is happy to be of service to the community.

All meats on the “Smoker” portion of the menu are available for ala-carte purchase and can be delivered hot in disposable trays to your location. Please call or email for pricing. Items from the “Grille” menu must be prepared on-site.

Big Slim is also available as a private BBQ Chef or Grill Master for your event.

Thanks for taking a look at our catering menu and please join us on FaceBook